December 12, 2017

Ice Art at Hector Lake

We're having a glorious skating season in Banff Park so far this winter. We've been on Bow Lake, Waterfowl Lake, and Lake Louise, and many other lakes and ponds have been exquisite. But the real proof is this: after twenty years of watching and waiting, we finally got to skate on Hector Lake, the second largest in Banff Park.

The ice came in sometime last week, and by the weekend, we made the 2 km trek to the lake, hoping it would be ready. It was, and this morning I returned, with camera in hand.

There are many beautiful things in the world of nature, but lake ice deserves an art gallery of its own. I hope you enjoy this mini gallery (click on these to see them at full size).

Strudel Snow

The Cable
This was part of a seam that ran for at least a kilometre.

The Rift

Bird Spirit

Self Portrait in Ice

The Magical Mirror