August 11, 2013

Bears Caught on Candid Camera

Living in Lake Louise gives us a better chance of seeing grizzly bears than most people, but often we only get a quick glimpse.  It makes us wonder how the bear is spending the other 23.9 hours of its day.  What if you could be a fly on the wall in the day of a bear?  Or how about three bears?  Wouldn't that be great?

Remote wildlife cameras throughout the national parks are the proverbial “fly on the wall.”  We've written about them before, but they are worth repeat posts because of the images they capture.  Recently, Kananaskis Provincial Park released stills from one of their cameras, located at a “rub” tree.  Trees like this are where bears and other animals leave their calling cards.  Think of them like the Post Office for wildlife.  These pictures have since been a hit all over the world, and if you haven't seen them yet, sit down for two very enjoyable minutes.