October 7, 2015

A Wild Rockslide

Turn that cow into a mountain goat!
Ever thought that you'd seen it all?  After over 20 years of guiding in Banff, I (Nadine) have seen a lot of amazing things, but until last weekend, I'd never seen a full-on rockslide.

I was heading up to the Plain of Six Glaciers with guests on Sunday, and all of a sudden it sounded like we were in a war zone.

With all the echoes, it took a few moments to figure out where the sound was coming from, but then we turned to look up at the side of Mount Fairview, and watched the show.

Rocks and boulders hurdled down the cliff, bouncing high into the air, and then splashed into the water.  It was truly awe-inspiring, and one of my guests had the presence of mind to film the second half of the rockslide.   Thank you Michele.

See it for yourself!